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Portable Vehicle Exhaust System for Diesel trucks & Heavy Equipment

The P2D2 For Diesel Trucks & Heavy Equipment

The P2D2, Portable Vehicle Exhaust System is an EASY TO POSITION solution for removal of diesel exhaust gases.
Suited in areas where conventional exhaust systems cannot reach or exceed budgetary limits.

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  • Powerful exhaust fan removes exhaust gases directly to atmosphere
  • One-person operation that allows the operator to position the nozzle on an OVERHEAD stack without the use of a ladder
  • Ability to service both overhead and under-carriage exhaust pipes
  • Sturdy trolley which allows for storage of all ventilation components
  • Locking casters ensures the base unit stays in place during use
  • Exhaust Port is easily located under the garage door or through an optional "Letter box" style port installed in the garage door
  • Base unit operates with standard 115V/1/60 power for use anywhere within a garage (higher Power and voltage units available)
  • Low Cost yet provides the ability to service the entire facility
  • Easy to store exhaust hose
  • Exhaust hose lengths available up to 100 feet and 2500 degrees F
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Product Overview

  • Removes exhaust gases rather than just re-circulating it within the facility
  • One-person operation is made easy with standard wheels and support stand
  • Provides powerful collection power in a portable package
  • Operates with standard 115V power for use anywhere within a garage


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For Diesel Trucks & Heavy Equipment




Main System / Part

Part Number: P2D2

Description: Portable Vehicle Exhaust system. 1HP 115V/1/60. 1150 CFM System comes complete with:

  • 25' of exhaust hose
  • 10' of 6 diameter inlet hose
  • 6 to 8 diameter Vice-Grip nozzle - 600 degree silicon rubber for bottom exhaust
  • 6 to 10 diameter nozzle - 600 degree silicon hose for top exhaust
  • 15' power cord
  • Motor Starter and Overload protection
  • Storage for both the exhaust and inlet hoses
  • CSA approved AS PER CANADIAN LAW; this unit is approved by CSA field evaluation prior to shipping in order to meet Canadian Laws and for your additional safety


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Hose, Hood & Nozzle Options

Part Number: **DO NOT USE**LFD-14-50-HT

Description: 25' Exhaust hose x 14"dia. - Lay Flat Ducting - for Portable Fan


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Part Number: LFD-12-50-HT

Description: 25' Exhaust hose x 12"dia. - Lay Flat Ducting - for Portable Fan


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Part Number: LFD-8-25-HT

Description: 25' Exhaust hose x 8dia. - Lay Flat Ducting - for Portable Fan


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Installation Accessories

Part Number: GDDK-8

Description: 8 Garage Door Duct Kit for Portable VE Solution


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Other Applications

As we understand that our products may need to be re-applied during their life span (+20 years), we have listed below other applications that this product can be used for. Before re-applying any of our solutions, please contact one of our representatives to confirm the suitability of your application.


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